Our Programs

Kindness Co-Ops on Second Chance Saturdays

reKindle has developed a new type of outreach called the Kindness Co-Op, where instead of just getting and delivering donations, we host a monthly opportunity for other local groups and individuals to team up with us to host their own table at the homeless shelter. By working together, we create a fun and festive environment for everybody to help our local homeless and to cover every basic need we can muster as a group.

We usually have over a hundred volunteers per Co-Op, and we help hundreds of local homeless each time. Dressing wounds to prevent emergency room visits, finding long lost loved ones, feeding, clothing, cutting hair, serving hot coffee, we provide all kinds of services all at the same time. It’s been like nothing the city has seen, and it’s been received incredibly well. It’s been delivering kindness on a much larger scale than we ever have been able to.


By securing clean up jobs after local events, beautification projects, and other work around the valley, WorkFirst is a stepping stone for our willing local homeless population. If one of our homeless neighbors puts in a day’s work, they earn money, have food for the day, shelter at night, and the opportunity to build their resume (with help) to get back into the workforce. For those who stick with the program, we will be facilitating other services from other local resources to help rehabilitate participants, Drug counseling, mental health services, health services, resume writing, and all things we can find to help get people off the street permanently.

It’s a big, ambitious project, but the city and other local charities involving the homeless population and local shelters are all very excited to work with us. This is literally how we can END chronic homelessness here in Phoenix. But we need lots of help, and funds, to make this blossom.


#Kindness365 is a program to encourage other people to perform kind acts. The closest thing to what we envision is the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, except once we become a self sustaining entity, ours will provide rewards and exposure to participants. As your own entity, you can have your team(s) compete and whoever documents the most kind acts for the month wins a prize! Just have people perform random acts of kindness, snap photos or video, and upload them to their social media. Each act of kindness will add to that user’s score, and at the end of each predetermined time period, prizes will be awarded for the most acts of kindness and the most impactful act of kindness. This is an ambitious project, which will inspire people to inspire people!

Fundraising and Donation Drives:

Coins 4 Kindness – Get your school involved in something fun and get your students involved in helping others! Classrooms compete and everybody wins! Kids can bring in coins at any time to add to their room’s jar. At the end of the month, the classroom with the most donations wins the grand prize! But there’s a catch! Any student brings in any paper money can “CRASH” another classroom and add it to their jar. Paper money is deducted from the room’s total! Donations are counted daily so students can compete in a fun and friendly way! Also, the student who brings in the most donations gets decked out in all kinds of reKindle gear! Contact us today if you would like to get your school involved in helping others! Click HERE!

Meters that Matter – Our co-founder Kaylee is a National Junior Olympic sprinter, so we created a way to incorporate the two things she’s most passionate about in her young life: track and charity.

Meters that Matter is a way for kids to help raise money to help the homeless, and for their school or track club at the same time. Participants can secure donors for upcoming track events who sponsor their runs by the meter. For example. if they secure a donor who will sponsor every meter for a dollar, and they run 100 meters, they effectively raised $100 which is split between their team (whether it’s their school or club) and reKindle, who uses to funds to help the local homeless. Prizes and medals are awarded to top fund raisers in various categories.

“I Got Your Back” Backpack Drives – You can start your own donation drive at your work place, school, community, or within your social circle. We will show you how to create backpacks that can save lives on the street for those who truly need them, then you can encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to participate! We can even create your own event to distribute the backpacks!

Organization Sponsored “I Got Your Back” Backpack Drives and Distribution Events – Your company can be the driving force behind your own co-branded event! We will help you from top to bottom and can even provide media services to help showcase your organization’s culture and promote positivity within your personnel!

Hits for the Homeless – Your school or club baseball/softball/tee-ball team can generate funds to help the homeless by allowing athletes to get sponsors for upcoming games!

Hoops for the Homeless – Your school or club baseball/softball/tee-ball team can generate funds to help the homeless by allowing athletes to get sponsors for upcoming games!

And Many More…

We are still quite new as charities go, and always looking to spread kindness any way we can! We’ve done countless types of unique events and campaigns and will continue to keep innovating ways to help others and inspire fire!