reKindle’s Goals

1,000 Backpacks Per Month!

One of the things our homeless friends know us best for are the backpacks we deliver. When you’re on the street, you need to be able to carry all of your belongings with you at all times, which is why it’s so common to see homeless people with backpacks.

Currently, we deliver a little over 200 backpacks a month (when we have the supplies) – this just isn’t enough. We need to make a bigger difference. We need to supply at least one thousand backpacks filled with survival essentials to our homeless neighbors.

The backpacks we deliver, directly to those in need, are filled with items such as new socks, wash cloths, toiletries, medical supplies, non perishable food, sports drinks, and depending on the season sometime weather related items such as sun hats or winter hats and gloves.

If you want to help us reach this goal, please consider sponsoring a backpack!

100,000 Homeless People Helped

In America, there are nearly three quarters of a million people who spend the night homeless each night. We want to help as many as we can. Our pie in the sky goal is to help every one we can, but realistically, we believe we can help at least one hundred thousand homeless individuals. We can help them survive, we can make sure they know somebody cares, we might even be able to put them to work and get them off the streets! Help us make that dream a reality!

One Million Kind Acts Inspired

Our target market at reKindle might surprise you. Yes, we help those in need. Yes, we help homeless people across the nation… But people like YOU are actually our target market! People who can go out and help others and inspire the next person to go out and help others who will inspire the NEXT person to go out and help others. This is what reKindle is all about. reKindling Kindness and Inspiring Others To Do The Same!

If we inspire enough people, we can truly change the world. You, me, us. We. Can. Change. The. World.

Operational Goals for 2016

  • Hit the 1k per month backpack goal
  • Furnish and move into our currently vacant (but donated) building
  • Build out Work First and get our first jobs for our homeless friends
  • Create monthly videos to inspire others
  • Grow to the point we can hire employees
  • Save at least one person from homelessness, permanently